Research Associate, Computational Science and Engineering Laboratory (CSE Lab)
ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Diego Rossinelli is currently a Research Associate at the Computational Science and Engineering Laboratory (CSE Lab) of ETH Zurich. His focus is on rapid software development for high-end simulations/solutions on supercomputers. Scientific interests range from Direct Numerical Simulations of compressible and incompressible flows, to wavelets-based numerical schemes for simulations and data compression, as well as distributed scientific visualization. In 2013, he led the project “11 PFLOP/s Simulations of Cloud Cavitation Collapse”, winning the Gordon Bell Prize. He recently led the project “The In-Silico Lab-On-A-Chip: Petascale And High-Throughput Simulations Of Microfluidics At Cell Resolution”, acknowledged as a Gordon Bell Prize finalist in 2015.