John FEO

Director, Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and University of Washington, USA

Dr. John Feo is the Director of the Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing, a joint institute funded by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and University of Washington. The Institute seeks to maximize the impact of computing on transformative discoveries that fuel scientific and societal progress. Its areas of research are: advanced and future computing systems; scalable modeling, simulation, and design; and data-driven science and discovery. Previously, Dr. Feo was Director of the Center for Adaptive Supercomputer Software at PNNL where he managed research projects in graph algorithms, search, parallel computing, and multithreaded architectures.

Dr. Feo received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin. He began his career at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where he managed the Computer Science Group and was the principal investigator of the Sisal Language Project. Dr. Feo then joined Tera Computer Company (now Cray Inc) where he was a principal engineer and product manager for the MTA-1 and MTA-2, the first two generations of the Cray’s multithreaded architecture. After two years at Microsoft where he led a software group developing a next-generation virtual reality platform, he joined PNNL. Dr. Feo’s research interests are parallel programming, graph algorithms, multithreaded architectures, functional languages, and performance studies. He has held academic positions at UC Davis and Washington State University.