Andrew Sorenson

Australian National University

Andrew Sorensen is an artist, a programmer, and a computer scientist. His interests are diverse, but unify under a common theme – the programming language as an interface for real-time dialogue between human, machine, and environment. In exploring these ideas Andrew is as likely to be found hacking code in nightclubs as steering code on distributed HPC clusters.

Andrew is well known for creating the programming languages that he uses in live performance to generate audiovisual theatre. He is regularly invited to perform these contemporary improvisations all around the world. Andrew is also a regular keynote speaker, with appearances at YOW!, Lambda Jam, OSCON, GOTO, Pioneers, Codemania and OOP.

Andrew is the author of the Extempore programming language – a systems programming language designed for high-performance “live” programming. Andrew is a PhD candidate at the Australian National University.