20th May, 2020

Predicting the course of the COVID-19 epidemic in Poland

Sixth Virtual ICM Seminar in Computer and Computational Science One of the most promising approaches to predicting the possible scenarios of the epidemic is based on agent-based models. The idea of that model family is quite simple: reproduce the demographic and sociological structure of the society, and run the simulations of the disease spread throughout […]

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13th May, 2020

What Do We Know About Performance of Quantum Annealing Systems?

Dr. Catherine McGeoch will shed light on this topic at the fifth Virtual ICM Seminar in Computer and Computational Science. Quantum annealing (QA) falls within the Adiabatic Quantum Computing paradigm, which is a different approach to quantum computing than the more familiar quantum gate model (GM). The error models for open-system QA vs. GM are quite distinct, […]

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6th May, 2020

The next ICM VIRTUAL SEMINAR is just round the corner

SAVE THE DATE to Dr Simon Mutch’s lecture entitled HPC Simulations of the early Universe that is live on May 7, 2020 at 16:00 (CEST) Understanding the formation and evolution of the first galaxies in the Universe is a vital piece of the puzzle in understanding how all galaxies, including our own Milky Way, came […]

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