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15th December, 2021

Virtual ICM Seminar with prof. Wiesław Nowiński: “Human brain atlases and their applications”

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ICM University of Warsaw is proud to invite everyone to #VirtualICMSeminar with scientist, innovator, entrepreneur, pioneer and visionary Prof. Wieslaw Nowinski- creator of “world’s most gorgeous” human brain atlases!

If a clinician helps thousands of patients and a researcher could help thousands of clinicians, then doing medical research is the most rewarding job.– Wiesław Nowiński

What is a brain atlas and why is it so important to develop it? It provides a spatial reference systems for navigating, characterising and analysing neuroscientific findings on the basis of anatomical location. Prof. Nowiński will share his experience in brain atlas creation and the development of atlas-enabled applications for neuroeducation, brain research, neurology and much more.

ICM is very proud to host such an excellent scientist during its 20. Virtual ICM Seminar meeting. Wiesław Nowiński was named The Outstanding Pole in the world in 2012, as well as commemorated on a stamp issued by the Polish Post in 2018 to honor Polish inventors of the century (within two living inventors). He used to work at Agency for Science, Technology and Research in Singapore were he was a lead scientist, currently he works at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, Poland.


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Professor Wiesław Nowiński builds bridges between science, medicine, and art, focusing on the human brain. His research includes electronic atlases of the human brain in health and disease, stroke, deep brain stimulation, neuroinformatics, brain quantification, medical image processing and analysis, human body modeling, virtual reality, surgical simulation, interventional radiology and teleradiology simulation, computer-assisted diagnosis and treatment, and future directions in computer-aided radiology and surgery, among others. His research has resulted in several discoveries about the human brain. Dr. Nowinski has discovered the functional laterality of the subthalamic nucleus – a major target in the surgical treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other neurologic disorders.


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