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Virtual ICM Seminar with Ben Whitney ORNL
16th February, 2021

Virtual ICM Seminar with Ben Whitney [Oak Ridge National Laboratory]: “MGARD: Hierarchical Compression of Scientific Data”

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Have you ever wondered how to reduce scientific data size for storing, handling, and transmitting content? The answer is lossy compression! It’s becoming an essential tool in the efforts to manage and understand the imposing volumes of data that will be produced by exascale simulations and experiments.

This week we encourage you to attend Ben Whitney’s seminar on Feb 18, 2021 at 16:00 CET about “MGARD: Hierarchical Compression of Scientific Data”. Be sure to register here.

Ben Whitney is a postdoc in the Computer Science and Mathematics Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He focuses on compression methods for scientific data and scientific software development.

One of the project he is currently working on is FASTMath, a project which uses scalable mathematical algorithms and software tools for reliable simulation of complex physical phenomena and collaborates with application scientists to ensure the usefulness and applicability of FASTMath technologies.

Ben, during his talk, will share an introduction to MGARD (MultiGrid Adaptive Reduction of Data) which is one of a new generation of scientific data compressors aiming to win the trust of domain scientists with rigorous mathematical underpinnings and guaranteed error bounds.

His presentation will start with the hierarchical decomposition algorithm comprising the core of the method and its ties to the theories of finite element methods, multigrid solvers, and wavelet analysis. He will then discuss quantization techniques enabling bounds on the compression error as measured both in the original data and in quantities of interest computed from the data.

At the end of his seminar, Ben will treat us with a variety of numerical examples and a demonstration of the use of MGARD’s publically available implementation.

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