Challenges and Opportunities in Large-Scale Data Analytics: Experience with the Graph500

Richard Murphy
Director of Advanced Computing Solutions Pathfinding Micron Technology
Micron Technology, USA


Memory is at the heart of computer performance and the Graph500 exposes the challenges of large-scale data analytics. This talk explores the future of memory technology and how the unique challenges of large-scale data analytics stress an already critical area of system architecture. It examines the role of analytics in High Performance Computing, particularly as it relates to supporting a future technology base for supercomputers. Further, while it may appear that HPC and analytics applications will diverge, this talk will discuss the possibility of a convergence of requirements as workloads become more complex and the traditional HPC application base becomes increasingly unstructured. Using the Graph500 as a contextual driver for system architecture requirements, and memory the fundamental technology opportunity, the talk will conclude with a call to action for the community as we move forward into the exascale era.


Richard Murphy is the Director of Advanced Computing Solutions Pathfinding at Micron. His group focuses on R&D in computer architecture, memory systems, supercomputers, data analytics platforms at all scales, and disruptive mobile/embedded technologies, particularly PIM. He has led several large multidisciplinary teams to deploy new technologies. He also cofounded the Graph 500 benchmark, which has served as a catalyst to identify data-movement challenges in large-scale analytics problems. Murphy previously worked at Sandia National Laboratories, Sun Microsystems, and Qualcomm. He is an adjunct faculty member at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Boise State University, and has authored more than two dozen papers and patents. He holds a PhD in computer science and engineering from the University of Notre Dame and is a senior IEEE member. Visit his personal webpage at, or contact him at